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 Sapa is an incredibly picturesque village that lies on the Hoang Lien Son mountain range near the Chinese border in NW Vietnam. It is called as "the Tonkinese Alps" You can see many hill tribe people, their villages, rice terraces, lush vegetation, and Fansipan, highest peak in Vietnam...
 There are many different classes for the train from Hanoi to Sapa. The Train ticket You can get inTran Quy Cap Train station.the time for sale in PM until 30 minute befor depature time. an other way You can get in the tour office. 
 Many travel agents organize trekking tours. They are very good tours for travelers who don't have time. Tourist office also organize the tours. See town information...
Regional Market
 Or you can take a trekking tour to visit those villages.
Many travelers come here to visit only the weekend market from Hanoi by tour.
Many regional markets are held around Sapa. They are excellent chances to meet many different hill tribe people. Also good place to buy their products. On the market days, many local minibuses are running from the major towns but it is common to joint to a tour organized by travel agents in Sapa...
Sapa Bars $ Restaurants
 Most of the restaurants are located on Xuan vien street,Cau May St and Thach son street. There are some food stalls at the market. Also in the evening, there are many food stalls are set around the sport field. You must bargain...
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