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Use of Expert Local Guides
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Use of Expert Local Guides

        We are a tour operator!
This means working directly with you; together, we create your unique travel experiences, providing you with the actual services and offering you at the best quote for your trip. You will not go through any broker.
We are licensed as a Vietnam Tour Company!
This allows us to meet certain standards and set benchmarks within the Vietnam Tourism Industry. We are copyright registered and are established as a long term Vietnamese Tourism Business.
Fair Prices and Unsurpassed Value!
When you deal with VietDiscovery you cut out all middlemen. Therefore, our prices are fair and competitive. Further, we guarantee our price offering you a great value for your money. The price, sometimes, is not cheap, but worth to every cent, and with assured fun.
Moreover, if you are not satisfied with VietnamTripAdvisor you can claim for a refund.
World-class customer service provides unprecedented, unique experiences for its clients with high touch service.
Use of Expert Local Guides
Our friendly and experienced guides are the keys to get the most from your travel. Each guide is your intimate link to everyday life. Through their insight and vast knowledge, you will be rewarded with a fascinating glimpse into Vietnamese culture.
Only the highest quality guides will accompany you on your trip through Vietnam and Indochina. Their professionalism, personality and outstanding knowledge are the reasons they are employed by us, and they will be a memorable part of your journey. Their ability to communicate their culture clearly and in an amusing and educational manner will make the experience, even more enjoyable.
Limitation of Group Size
Limitation of Group Size- Group size is strictly maintained at no more than 8 people per departure for our groups. Custom FIT journeys commonly range from 2 to 6 people (3 couples traveling together.) Non-Profit/Corporate groups determine their own size limit.
Socially responsible travel
Socially responsible travel- focuses on contributing to the people of the lands it visits, respecting their culture and preserving the integrity of the environment.
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