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A Quynh Sapa Restaurant
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A Quynh Sapa Restaurant

A Quynh Sapa Restaurant  Welcome to Sapa! Welcome to A Quynh Restaurant! A Quynh Restaurant is a fine dining restaurant with Vietnamese cuisines. An excellent and wide choice of domestic wines is available. With its Vietnam tradition style and casually friendly atmosphere, We welcomes you for breakfast or pre- and apres theatre dinner...
Address: No. 015, Thach Son Road, Sapa town, Lao Cai, Vietnam
Tel: (84-20) 3871 555 ; Fax: (84-20) 3872136
 Our restaurant was built with Sapa’s bamboo and woden.It combines the traditional architecture in an warm and comfortable atmosphere. We have a team of Tradition dancing on Your request.

Our restaurant serves some special dishes for breakfast including Vietnamese breakfast, some kind of noodle, and Pancake.
Customers can start with Soup, Salad, Spring Roll or Potato and Sapa Sweet Potato. 
Main Course
Various kinds of special dishes are available for customers to choose namely Sapa chicken (with steamed rice), Sapa duck (with steamed rice), Sapa goose, Sapa rabbit (with steamed rice), Sapa wild pork (with steamed rice), Sapa pork (with steamed rice), Venison (with steamed rice), Sapa beef (with steamed rice), Shrimp (with steamed rice), Squid (with steamed rice), Sapa fish (with steamed rice), Curry (with steamed rice), Tofu, Sapa vegetable, Green bean sprout, Bamboo person shoot, Rice, Noodle, Spaghetti, Pasta, Hamburger, Special food and Hotpot. 
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