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View Hotel Sapa

View Hotel Sapa

View Hotel Sapa
Address: 041, Muong Hoa Street, Sapa Town, Lao Cai Province, Vietnam
Phone: 203 872 606; Fax: 0203 872 136; Hotline: 0984 353 577 - 0912 410 410
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View Sapa Hotel is a 3 star luxury, located at the foot of Ham Rong mountain beauty myth, on the line "She frowned Street - Muong Hoa. " Combine traditional architectural style and architecture Sapa French villas create a very specific View Sapa.
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30 guest rooms with luxury, comfort and elegance, blended with the spectacular scenery of the Sapa mountains, cool in summer and winter is warmed by wood heating system and water vapor will dispel the Sapa cool brand. From the balcony you can view on the valley soaring Violet, Muong and Hoa ethnic minority villages, admire the majestic peaks or drop Fansipan soul dissolves into the clouds hovering aircraft such as looking away as if Penglai scene first place. In addition each room is equipped with safe deposit for your own store of value by itself.
Enjoy excellent cuisine, delicacies of Vietnam, Asia, Europe in Sapa TamTam Bar & Restaurant by natural processing of the chefs are trained professionals in the tourism field practice known as Hoa Sua , Koto ... Our commitment is available for 24 / 7. Do not forget the buffet breakfast (buffet) daily to bring you comfort in choosing meals high in calories and nutrition.
Sapa View prides itself on service means local. Our future by supporting local "employment policies" to create opportunities for the local ethnic minorities find work. Our staff from front desk staff, room maids, waiters, cooks, guides local mostly chosen from ethnic minority groups in Sapa 

... and we always give priority to fresh food served in restaurants to buy from people in the villages and hamlets.
Attention to detail and the service friendly, enthusiastic staff are key factors of branding View Sapa Hotel, the hope visitors will always come back to us in the coming years. Department provides our services are always available to provide support you in planning holiday in Sapa. Let us advice on local attractions, outdoor picnic trips, friendly match your expectations for a meaningful holiday in Sapa.
VIEW HOTEL SAPA Send greetings to our customers appreciate.
View Sapa Hotel is a new hotel 3-star standard, located in the central town of Sapa, with modern architecture consists of 07 floors, has 30 spacious bedrooms, luxurious and equipped with modern international standards 3 star certainly is an ideal place for you to work and travel in 

the city in mist.
Sapa Hotel has three rooms view room, 05 suites, 15 Deluxe rooms are designed and built an international standard 3 star. Most rooms have windows, balcony overlooking majestic mountains and valleys Fansipan Violet dreaming. Bedroom View Sapa Hotel is designed in a modern architectural style design with wood Pomu mainstream - kind of precious woods constitutionality of Sapa, will create a warm and comfortable stay at tourist hotel.
Room type.
Sapa view room.
 Sapa View Room is the highest room of the hotel Sapa View. Your guests will feel comfortable and cozy stay at this room.

Includes 03 specially designed rooms with luxurious system of modern equipment, floor tile and some wood Pomu room furniture such as chairs, beds, cabinets ... also made from rare wood it. Essentially, this fragrant wood against insects characterized. Also in the room is also equipped with: TV television digital satellite, Internet wifi, fridge with drinks, beverages, flowers and fruit ....
 Suite Room
Suite is a luxury hotel room View Sapa. Your guests will feel comfortable and cozy stay at this room.
The hotel has 05 rooms with an area of ​​50m2 Suite includes a living room and a bedroom. Living room modern design sofa with separate receptions and convenient for working. There are also refrigerator beverage service, digital TV satellite television, wireless Internet, IDD telephone, flowers and fruit, drinks, and teas .... Caffe bedroom includes a large bed and a small bed with full amenities such as furnaces, Wardrobe, Dressing table, bathroom with separate bathtub, hair dryer .....

 Deluxe rooms.
The hotel has 15 Deluxe rooms. All rooms have window and balcony overlooking Mount Fansipan. Deluxe rooms are designed as modern luxury Pomu wood flooring, interior installations of digital TV, international telephone, wifi internet, air-conditioning systems, refrigerators and beverage service Fire alarm system. Bathroom facilities with bathtub, hot water system and hair dryer ...
Superior room
 Including 07 luxurious rooms and elegant, spacious, quiet, and professional services brings satisfaction and comfort to you.

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